The Venue

Founded in 1965 the Reid Park Zoo is a city-owned and operated non-profit zoo located within Reid Park. The zoo features several hundred animals, like Nandi who resides in the elephant enclosure in Expedition Tanzania.

From feeding a giraffe to riding a camel, the Reid Park Zoo is a place where you’re guaranteed to learn and have fun.


The ignite520 kickoff begins soon after zoo doors close to the public when attendees will have full range of the grounds. Our signature scavenger hunt will take you all over the zoo looking for clues and our networking portion will take place at the Event Gardens, which are surrounded by giraffes, elephants, and South American critters.

Completed in 2015, the ENR2 building is designed to look like a slot canyon and echo our sense of space in the Southwest. Exemplifying the University’s commitment to environmental sustainability, ENR2 incorporates energy efficient heating and cooling systems, rainwater harvesting and low-flow faucets, and other innovative architectural solutions in a desert landscape. In addition, the building’s architecture works to combine open space with shared space that inspires collaboration.

Attendees will be able to convene in this unique space on Saturday for our panels, workshops, and more networking opportunities.

We chose this space because it resembles our vision of ignite520—a collaborative, sustainable, open environment where we can create a Tucson ecosystem where we can thrive personally and professionally!