2019 Schedule

4:30pm TYP Private Party
6:00pm ignite520 Scavenger Hunt: Zoo Edition
8:00pm Entertainment

Saturday @ ENR2

Coffee Station at the Slot Canyon Cafe
8:00 AM
Checkin and Welcome Breakfast – Slot Canyon Cafe
9:00 AM
“Human-Centered Design at Work” – Room S210

Carly Croman
Innovation + Applied Learning Coordinator, University of Arizona

Devon Thomas
Sr. Coordinator, Student Engagement & Career Development, University of Arizona Alumni Association

Ever faced a problem and felt completely stuck? Same. Human-centered design is a tool used to transform problems into opportunities. Empathy gives us the power to shift our perspective in pursuit of meaningful solutions. Join us to learn and apply strategies that re-frame problems into possibilities using human-centered design.

“Morning Mindfulness” – Room S215

Kelly Patrick
LCSW Social Worker, Southern Arizona VA Health Care System (SAVAHCS)

Suzanne Perkins
LCSW Mental Health Clinician, SAVAHCS

Suzanne and Kelly will lead attendees through an introduction to mindfulness and self-care, explaining how to incorporate these important tools into a busy schedule to develop a more balanced perspective. The workshop will introduce the most common thinking errors that can hold people back from their full potential and demonstrate the tools to shift focus back to a place of present moment awareness.

“Southern Arizona’s Economic Outlook” – Room S225

Heath Vescovi-Chiordi
Economic Development Specialist, Downtown Development Specialist, Town of Marana

Fernando Garcia, MPA
Economic Development Specialist, City of Casa Grande

Our region has seen some positive economic growth in the last couple years. What are trends to watch, what is the future of the region looking like, and how should Young Professionals get involved in the conversation?

“Feedback is Not a 4-Letter Word” – Room S223

Brandy Ferrer
President, CEO, Pathfinder Strategies

Do you cringe when you hear the word “feedback?” Does having a “constructive conversation” send you into a panic?  While feedback is vital to professional development, it’s also a tool that is often misunderstood or misused. In this session we’ll explore strategies to give and receive feedback meaningful feedback.   

10:10 AM
“Living a Values-Driven and Balanced Life” – Room S210

Bryn Jones
Elan Consulting

Sarah Griffiths
The Next Chapter Consulting and Coaching

Assess how balanced your life is now.  Uncover what drives you in your life and work.  Reflect on how aligned/balanced your life is with what you most value. Think about what you might want to do differently to live a values-driven and balanced life.

“Personal Branding: What is it, Why is it Important” – Room 215

Tremain Ravenell
The University of Arizona Alumni Association

Syndric Steptoe
The University of Arizona Alumni Association

Session will focus on the definition of personal brand and why it is important in today’s culture. Attendees will identify core determinants of their own brand and delve in to how to assess the brand of others and how to use that to their advantage.  

“Grassroots – A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Community Change That Works” – Room S225

Michael Peel
Southern Arizona Director, Local First Arizona

DeeDee Koenen and Shannon Briggs
Co-Founders, Pop Cycle, Organizer, Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition

How do you go from an idea of what needs to change locally, to influencing and enacting that change? This workshop is a nitty gritty look at how Local First Arizona and The Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition work with stakeholders to tackle very local issues in practical ways, as a template for the rest of us!

“The Power of Honest Conversations” – Room S223

Allison M. Vaillancourt, PhD

Vice President, Business Affairs & Human Resources, University of Arizona

It is essential for us to give voice to our values, but speaking up can sometimes be hard. This session will explore why we sometimes hesitate to express our opinions or offer feedback and provide practical tips to make it easier and more comfortable to express ourselves.

11:15 AM
Lunch – Slot Canyon Cafe
1:00 PM
“The Owner’s Manual to You. Know How Your Brain Works!” – Room S210

John Waechter
Associate, The Predictive Group

A hands-on workshop that provides insight into genetic innate talent.  Attendees will learn how their brain is genetically wired and its importance in personal career development.

Attendees should complete a complimentary behavioral assessment 10 days ahead of time, to be used as a handout at the workshop. 

RSVP for this session and secure your behavioral assessment by completing this form.

“Managing Up and Around” – Room 215

Nicollette Daly, CPA
Chief Financial Officer, Primavera Foundation

Managing up and around means consciously working with your boss and peers to obtain the best results for all involved. All too often, working with others stymies our own goals. This session will teach you how to prevent your boss and/or peers from coming between you and your career success.

“The Winning Combination of Business and Sustainability” 

Rita Boutwell
Director of Operations, Hotel Congress

CJ Agbannawag
SCALE UP Program Manager, Local First Arizona

When it comes to both small business and commercial development, environmental sustainability can seem like a zero-sum game. But it’s not! Hear from two young professional leaders in Tucson who are helping business implement practices that not only improve their environmental impact, but also their bottom line.

“Up Close: Local Opportunities to Make a Big Impact That No One’s Telling You About” – Room S225

Zach Yentzer
Interim Executive Director, TYP | President, Menlo Park Neighborhood Association

Sierra Yamanaka
Campaign manager, Nikki Lee for Tucson City Council, National Committeewoman, Democratic National Committee

JP Martin
Southern Arizona Director, Equality Arizona

Brendan Lyons
Executive Director, LOOK! Save A Life

Getting involved in your community can be daunting, but there are so many, tangible ways to get involved in creating impact. You’ll get to hear from young professionals who are integral in doing so, and how they got involved.

2:10 PM
“You 2.0: The Art of Change” Supported by Ad 2 Tucson – Room S210

James Patrick
Founder/Owner, James Patrick Photography and FITposium

It is not enough to set big goals. In order to create real and lasting change there must be the proper alignment of mindset and actions. This presentation is about the step-by-step methodologies to get clarity on identifying the right goals, overcoming fears, setting actionable plans, enhancing your mindset and creating the change that leaves a lasting impact.

“Shortcut to 40 under 40- How to build a helpful and well-connected professional network from scratch” – Room 210

JP Martin
Southern Arizona Director, Equality Arizona

We know networking is hard, especially with older professionals in our space it can be intimidating. This workshop will help you learn the keys to building a network from scratch that will help you succeed!

“Navigating the Intergenerational Workplace” – Room S215

John Page Burton

Life and Career Coach, The JP Burton Group

With 5 generations in the workplace, things can get messy! This workshop will help you navigate the intergenerational workplace, especially through establishing healthy mentorship relationship

“Next Generation Nonprofit Leadership” – Room S225

John-Peter Wilhite
Director of Community Impact, Social Venture Partners

Aaron Rottenstein
Vice President, Wealth Advisor, UBS Financial Services

Amalia Luxardo
CEO, Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona

Frank Velasquez, Jr.
Executive Director, Job Path

Interested in having a bigger impact with the nonprofit organizations you support? Want to know more about serving on a nonprofit board? Come and hear from current nonprofit leaders and board members on how you can get more meaningfully involved in the organizations you care about.

3:30 PM
Fireside Chat Keynote: Are You With Us? – Room S107

Carol Stewart
Associate Vice President, UA Tech Parks

ignite520 features a different type of keynote speech this year. Carol Stewart of UA Tech Parks will join Zach Yentzer of Tucson Young Professionals for a fireside-style chat with the theme of: “Are You With Us? Why staying and collaborating is the key to creating the Tucson you want.”


Learn more about Carol’s background, the tech parks, and retaining talent. Be inspired to stay in Tucson, stay involved, and shape our community’s future.

4:00 PM
Unconference – Slot Canyon Cafe

Saturday’s Keynote speech will be followed by an unconference session that will be just what we make of it! It will be semi-facilitated, with conference attendees helping steer the conversation while together digesting everything learned at the conference.

5:00 PM
Closing Reception – ENR2 Roof

After a full day of learning and inspiration, we’ll wind down and close out the day on the rooftop of ENR2 with beautiful views, cool weather, and great company.